About Us


We Travel not to Escape Life, But for life not to Escape us. It feels good to be lost in the right Direction whether across the world or Towards your own dreams. When you are looking for a dedicated and Ease to Travel with Comfort, Why Not turn to us? "SHRIDE INDIA PVT LTD" We Combust Opportunity by setting the world in Motion Globally.

As One Step Ahead towards the benefit of Nation, 'SHRIDE INDIA PVT LTD' A New START UP Incorporated on 7th February, 2020 helps to Bring the future closer with self-driving Technology and Helping people with seamless Travel Experience by Hiring an Electric Scooty at most Economical Price Currently all over pune. Our Concept is based on GO GREEN Concept Where we rent Electric Scooty's and Bikes at Most Economical Commute. By Using Electric Vehicles you might help save the Environment by reducing the pollution, and save cost of Fuel.

Shride is the perfect way to get through ur everyday Travel Needs.

Shride will Allow you to Rent a Electric Vehicle at ur disposal. So be it a Shopping trip with ur frds, Hangout with ur buddies, a long day business tour, we have all covered just for you. It will help u get from Point A to Point B. Shride Fares are also Very Economically Low.

Efficiency, Integrity, Effectiveness and Team work are at the heart of what we do, and u will find that Attitude in our Shride Staff. We believe that every Individual is Unique And deserves the best.

What sets us apart from other Travelling Companies are : - Shride also offers vehicle that Do Not require a Driving License to Ride. - Shride is Cost Beneficial - Shride allows you to Rent a Electric Scooty for a Day Or long. - It Provides Ease to Travel with Comfort. - We believe in GO GREEN CONCEPT - Shride helps to reduce Pollution by use of Electric Vehicles. - Shride contribute towards Environment. - Shride has ZERO fuel cost.

Shride is one of the Leading Rental Company of Electric Vehicles With most economical way to Commute. So why Wait, TRAVEL, DREAM, BECOME & GO GREEN Communicate Shride Team and Reserve your Scooty through a mobile app "SHRIDE", which is available on Playstore and Apple Store.

And the Service accepts both cash and online payments. So, Let's Together make a difference by Using and travelling through Electric vehicles. Contribute Towards Environment and Use E- Vehicles. We are Sure that Your Ride with Shride will be Amazing. Book Ur Scooty or Bike Now with SHRIDE India Pvt Limited.