Welcome to Shride's Electric Vehicle Investment Program

Invest ₹60,000

Earn Fixed
Monthly Payment of
₹2500 / month!

ZERO Risk, HIGH Returns!


Step 1

You Finance for Electric Scooter

It can be 1 Scooter Or Up To 100 Scooters, Choice Is Yours!
By paying Rs. 60,000/ scooter
100% Of Your Job Ends Here.

Step 2

We rent these scooters!

Daily Commuters, Delivery Executives, Logistic Companies - We Have Contacts Everywhere So Your E-Scooter is Always MAKING MONEY!

Step 3

You earn ₹2500 / month

We Keep Our Commission And Issue You Your FIXED MONTHLY INCOME of ₹2500/ E-Scooter for 3 years.


will be your fixed monthly income for an investment of ₹60,000/- for 3 years.
You earn ₹90,000/- at the end of 3 years.

The more you invest, the more fixed monthly returns you earn.


Returns Calculated For A Tenure Of 36 Months
Investment = ₹60,000

Name % Returns Fixed Monthly Returns
Fixed deposit 5 — 7%
Mutual Funds 10 — 18%
Shride Electric Vehicle Investment Program 28.56%



It is a great alternative to stocks and mutual funds. I can stay tension free about my returns.

Siddhesh Nanekar

Business Man

Sounded like a very huge amount in the beginning but once I was convinced of the amazing returns for time of investment, I couldn’t wait to see a seed of security planted for future. Do your own research and clarify your doubts but you can trust me.

Suneej Gawade

Business Man

I invested 5 scooters during this pandemic, and I am very happy by their on-time payments.

Suraj Pathare

Computer Engineer

Couldn’t have asked for a greater return in quick months, amazing experience and executed in this pandemic.

Soubir Ghosh

Film Director

You are secured to have stable and committed sum of money irrespective of the market fluctuations, keeps me tension free of my returns in this pandemic.

Rahul Jaiswal

Business Man


Shride India Pvt. Ltd. is a Government of India recognised, DPIIT (DIPP54818) verified start up. Shride was incorporated on 7th February, 2020 with an aim to start a Go-Green Revolution in India.

We currently provide rental of Electric Scooters across all locations of Pune and is planned to start our services in 2 more tier-1 cities in India by the end of 2022.

Shride’s Electric Vehicle Investment Program is started in the year 2021 with an aim to increase the count of scooters in our fleet to cater to the ever growing demand from the market, especially from delivery executives and logistics companies.

Our highlights

E-scooters in fleet & growing.

Happy customers

Happy investors

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